In 1973, the first products saw the light of day under the trademark G.S.E. Initially it was about adapters so you could connect trailers and carriages, even if they had different plug systems. Later, testers were developed so that one could also test whether the socket and the trailer plug were working correctly.
As the technical developments in the cars have supplied them with more and more electronics, G.S.E. monitored and developed new test equipment, so that for example. also can test cars with CAN-BUS systems, just as LED lights have also presented new challenges, such as G.S.E. has followed up on.

November 1, 2014, the activities of G.S.E. acquired by RACO A / S and during the fall of 2015, stock and production for G.S.E. together with RACO A / S at the new address, Overgade 4, Holsted.