The brand RACO originated in the early 50’s, when manufacturer E. Lindberg Rasmussen inspired by leftover parts of the English army began manufacturing battery pole shoes and more.
The pole shoes were then cast in lead. Later it became brass.
The company was then located in the Copenhagen area, but in 1988 the activities were taken over by the company Tajco in Grindsted, where the brand was sold side by side with Tajco pipe tails.

In 2007, the goods were again separated from Tajco, and the company RACO A / S was established, at the same time all activities were moved to Holsted.
In the fall of 2015, RACO A / S will combine its activities in new premises in Overgade 4, Holsted

The RACO products have always been known for their high quality. Battery pole shoes and charging clamps, for example, are made of cast brass, which has an excellent conductivity for electricity, and the products have been exported to customers throughout Europe for many years.