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testline12855Testline with load for 24V trucks

The test equipment is available for trucks as MAN-MERCEDES-VOLVO etc, which all have CAN-BUS/Check control systems.

Testline 12855can be used for all trucks, both with and without CAN-BUS/Check-Control.

Order no. 12855
15 pin
Testline is equipped with 10 m. cable.

For testline:

Right flash light 21 W
Left flash light 21 W
Rear fog light 21 W
Right tail light 08 W
Left tail light 08 W
Stop light 08 W
Reversing light 08 W


Testing of trucks with CAN-BUS systems
Test line no. 12855 and test plug no 12805 include a function specific for test of trucks with CAN-BUS/Electronic control systems.

Both flash lights and the rear fog light will be activated automatically. Both tail lights and stop light include a constant load of 8W.
Other functions do not include load.

Testing of trucks with and without CAN-BUS systems
The build-in load for test of trucks with CAN-BUS/Electronic control systems will at the same time give a correct testing of trucks without these systems, as the wirering and socket connections are loaded and error indications because of poor connections can be avoided.

To activate the load-function, the button ”TEST” has to be pushed down.

The green light-diodes:
If test line has been activated too long the load will be overheated and a thermal fuse will turn off the load. At the same time the green light-diodes concerned will turn red. When the light-diodes turn green again, the load is reactivated. We recommend just to push down the button ” TEST ” for shortest time possible.
Average time, before the load-function will be overheated by constant use:
Flash light/rear fog light: 1-2 min.
Other functions: 2-4 min.

Note: the function no. 9 does not include load.


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