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trailer omformer 11127For all types of vehicles/trucks with 24V board voltage towing 12V trailers.
Additional 24V converter is unnecessary
With lamp simulation for activation of trailer control lamp C2 in the cab.

With a newly developed lamp simulation will one 24V indicator / flasher relay interpret a 12V lamp as a 24V lamp in such way that the control lamp C2 always function correctly even during short circuit conditions and loss of chassis connection.

TLUCIs a price competitive further development of the TLUB with an approximate lamp simulation which will make most 24V indicator / flasher relays interpret a 12V lamp as 24V lamp with correct C2 activation even during short circuit and loss of chassis connection?
TLUB and TLUC are watertight and are for both inside and external mounting.
TLUB and TLUC are protected against short circuit, overloads and reverse polarity.

During short circuit/over load conditions on the trailer, the TLUB/C will switch off the faulty output automatically. When the short circuit/overload is removed, the function will operate normally. This prevents change of fuses.

TLUB: The flasher/indicator channels incorporate a 24-12V Switch Mode Converter. Other output operates with pulse technique.

TLUC: The flasher/indicator outputs utilises a combination of resistor and pulse technique. Other output operates with pulse technique.

TLUB-6 6 outputs no. 11116
TLUB-7 7 outputs no. 11117

TLUC-6 6 outputs no. 11126
TLUC-7 7 outputs no. 11127


TLUB/C 24-12V Trailer Converter.

Why use lamp simulation for flasher/indicator lights.

Most flasher/indicator relays will measure the load applied and will by means of the control lamp in cab, indicate if the correct number of lamps are connected as well as the if the lamps are of the correct wattage.

Flasher/indicator relays are normally defined, for example as a 3+1 relay, which means 3x21W lamps on the truck and 1x21W lamp on the trailer. In the cab there are two control lamps, a C1 lamp for the truck and a C2 lamp for the trailer. If an 18W lamp is fitted in place of a 21W lamp the control lamp C2 will switch off and in this way indicate a fault condition.

If one wants a flasher/indicator relay to indicate correctly when a 24W vehicle is towing a 12V trailer, lamp simulation is necessary because the current consumption of a 12V / 21W lamp is 1,85Amp. illustrated in current graph Fig.2. and current consumption of a 24V / 21W lamp is 1,0 Amp. illustrated in current graph Fig.1.

TLUB is designed to simulate the current waveform of a 24V lamp very accurately.

TLUC is a simplified simulation utilising a combination of resistor and pulse technique. This technique will make most flasher/indicator relays indicate fairly accurately.

When using a series resistor or a linear voltage converter that will reduce the 24 volt to 12 volt the disadvantage is that the relay’s control function will interpret a 12V / 21W lamp as 38W lamp and in most instances the C2 control lamp will indicate incorrectly.


foto mangler 150 Fig 1. Current wave form 24V lamp.
Peak 2.0 Amp.. Continuous 1.0 Amp.
foto mangler 150 Fig. 2. Current wave form 12V lamp.
Peak 3.8 Amp. Continuous 1.85 Amp.

Technical specifications TLUB:

Input voltage: 24 V (20 - 32 V)
Output voltage flasher: 14 V DC (with 28 V input)
Output voltage other outputs: 14V RMS 130 Hz. (with 28V input)
Efficiency: Flasher output 90%. Other outputs 95%
Dimensions: L.132 MM x B.110 MM x H.43 MM


Technical specifications TLUC:

Input voltage: 24 V (20 - 32 V)
Output voltage: 14V RMS 130 Hz. (with 28V input)
Efficiency: Flasher output 90% Other outputs 95%
Dimensions: L.105 MM x B.110 MM x H.43 MM


Output ratings:

Flasher outputs: 2x21W
Tail light: 2x30W
Fog light rear: 2x21W
Reverse light: 2x21W
Stop light: 2x21W


TLUB/C 5-7 are waterproof units in aluminium housing.
Cable connections: 24V input: 1 meter x (7x1.0 mm2 + 1x2,5 mm2)
12V output: 1 meter x (7x1.0mm2 + 1x2,5 mm2)


RELAY BOX P60 trailer converter 24 – 12 V

relaebox p60Order no. 11105

For all types of vehicles with 24V board voltage towing 12 V trailers.
For changing the voltage from 24V to 12 V are used 4-5 relays in the box. These are controlled by the 24 V and are leading 12 V from a converter to the lamps (lights ).
You can also use P60 as a junction box by putting the main cable into the box and out to a 24 V socket.
Watertight junction box and relay box in one unit for external mounting.
The relay box is watertight by aid of screwed cable glands, threaded holes and locking nuts.
Voltage pr. relay 8 amp
Push-on receiptables.

Length 105 mm x width 105 mm x height 64 mm.
Weight: 0,383 kg.
The box is made of PVC: watertight IP 55


Print for P60
Order no. 11105 H

Relay for P60
Order no. 11105 J

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