G.S.E. ApS was founded in 1973 and has since specialized in the development and manufacture of electronic components for primarily trucks and test equipment for auto repair shops.


The product range includes:

DC-DC inverters from 24V to 12V, Relay Box / Trailer Converters, Test Connectors and Testlines for testing trailer sockets. Trailer light tester for testing trailers / trailers and Pedal pressure gauges used in connection with a brake tester.

Furthermore, several products are manufactured for OEM customers.

G.S.E. the products are always of high quality, which is the reason for the motto: To produce the highest possible quality at the lowest possible price, and never compromise on a low quality level. The quality level is always determined based on the customer’s needs, wishes and requirements as well as G.S.E.’s expertise and experience.

Due to this objective, and an effective quality control of all products, there is only a 2 per cent complaint rate, incl. Mistakes that can be caused by incorrect assembly, misuse and overload, as the company’s policy is: Any doubt must benefit the customer because a good customer is a satisfied customer first and foremost.

G.S.E. has an export share of more than 80% of sales to 30 dealers abroad and is located in 9 markets in Europe, including the company has customers like Robert Bosch and Hella in Germany.

In order to counteract rising costs, as well as increasing competition in prices, part of the production was moved to Poland in 1990, and in 1998 a close cooperation was established with an Estonian subcontractor for the production of new OEM products in a larger number.

Today the company is divided into: In Denmark: Administration; Product development; test; Control and Production with approx. 20%. Number of employees: 6.

Other production, approx. 80% happens in Poland and Estonia. Number of employees: 24, which can be expanded as needed.