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13-PIN TEST PLUG 12V – 12710

With flexible top, text and LEDs can be read more easily.
Not suitable for cars with CAN-BUS.

Order. 12710
ISO 11446
DIN 72570

7-POL TEST PLUG 24V – 12630

For trucks.

Order. 12630
ISO 1185
DIN 72579

Supplementary plugs can be supplied on request: ISO 3731

TEST PLUG 12V – 12600

A test connector simplifies the control of sockets for trailer / caravans as the connector replaces the sample lamp to be moved for each function.
The test plug is ideal for troubleshooting and repair. The plug is both shock resistant and waterproof.

Without test plug:
Slow and cumbersome control of the socket
With test plug:

Quick and easy control of the socket

ISO 1724
DIN 72577


Item no.VoltagePlugDescription
 1260012 V7-polWithout cable


For trucks.

The test plug tests all live wiring and grounding connections.
The ABS indicator light in the driver’s cab is tested manually using the switch on the test plug.

Order. 12900
ISO 7638-1ABS


For trucks.

Order. 12631
ISO 1185
DIN 72579


Test line / test plug with load for 24 V trucks

The test equipment can be delivered to trucks like MAN, Mercedes, Volvo etc., all of which have CAN-BUS / Check control systems.
Test plug 12805 can be used for all cars, both with and without CAN-BUS / Check-Control

Order no .: 12805

15 Pol:
Test connector 12805 has the same functions as Testline 12855, and operates according to the same principles, but has only 1 m of cable.

For test plug / test line – Effect in load:

Right turn signal21 W
Left turn signal21 W
Rear fog21 W
Right tail light08 W
Left taillight08 W
Stoplight08 W
Reversing08 W


Testing of trucks with CAN-BUS systems:

Test plug 12805 has built-in automatic loading especially for testing trucks with CAN-BUS / Electronic control systems.

Both turn signals and fog lamps are automatically charged. Both taillights and stop lights have a constant load of 8W.
Other features have no load.

Testing of trucks with and without CAN-BUS systems:
The load built-in for testing trucks with CAN-BUS systems also provides for proper testing of trucks without these systems, as wiring harnesses and plug connections are strained, and error detection due to poor connections can be avoided.

To activate the load function, press the “TEST” button.

The green LEDs:
If Testline has been activated for too long, the load will be too hot and a thermal protection will disengage the load. At the same time, the green LEDs in question will glow red. When the LED turns green again, the load is active again.

Therefore, it is recommended to only press “TEST” for the shortest possible periods.

Average time before the load gets too hot:
Indicator / fog light 1-2 min.
Other functions 2-4 min.

NB. Function # 9 has no load.