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Test your trailer for turn signals, taillights, rear fog lights, brake lights and other lights with these trailer testers that check the electrical system. Trailer light tests are used for control, troubleshooting and repair of lights on trailers, caravans, mobilhomes with incandescent bulbs and LED.

How do you use a trailer tester?

👉Insert the tester into the trailer / caravan connector.
The lights will flash and indicate if there are any faults in the lights of the vehicle / trailer to which it is connected. 

What could be the reason why trailer lights are not working?

👉 Many trailer problems are due to a poor ground connection, which is usually the white wire coming out of the trailer socket.
If the ground is bad, light may work intermittently or not at all.
Although the wiring to the plug is adequate, make sure that the ground connections to the trailer frame are good.
It can also be due to a poor connection in the socket or plug due to IR / corrosion.

How do you make trailer lights work without connecting them to a vehicle?

👉The only way you can supply interior lights on a trailer without it being connected to a towing vehicle would be to supply the lights with a battery that is built into our trailer light testers.

Why do my trailer lights go out when I press the brake?

👉It sounds like you have a ground problem.
When the trailer lighting does not have sufficient ground, many different scenarios can appear, but the most common is when the most current is applied, e.g. taillights light up and you puss the brake pedal, lights go out.
All lights must be properly grounded for proper functioning.

How do you prevent trailer cables and connectors from corroding?

👉Dielectric grease is used on electrical parts such as. connectors and wire ends to protect them from corrosion and moisture

Trailer light tester testline caravans