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Testing unit for towbar, plug and socket used for troubleshooting, checking and repairing sockets on your vehicle.
They are used to check if there is a passage in the electrical system and connectors.

How to use a testing unit?

👉Insert the tester into the vehicle / car / truck connector. The lights will indicate whether there is a passage out to the sockets where the trailer is connected. 

What could be the reason why the trailer light is not working?

👉 Many trailer problems are due to a poor ground connection, which is usually the white wire coming out of the trailer plug.
If the ground is poor, light may work intermittently or not at all.
Although the wiring to the plug is sufficient, make sure that the ground connections to the trailer frame are good.
It can also be due to a bad connection in the socket or plug due to ir / corrosion

What does CAN-BUS stand for?

👉AN-BUS is a standard bus system for vehicles.
The system allows communication between several electronic control units in the vehicles.
CAN-BUS uses some intermediate stations to reduce the amount of wires in the car.
CAN stands for Controller Area Network. 

Which trailer plug 7-pole or 13-pole?

👉A trailer connector is used to connect the car’s electronic system to the trailer.
7 pole connector is the old solution and only operates lights that the car uses.
13 pole connector handles several tasks and has an important function which is the reverse light.
Such a function is not possible with 7 pole connectors, even if you use an adapter

Why do my trailer lights go out when I press the brake?

👉It sounds like you have a ground problem.
When the trailer lighting does not have sufficient ground, many different scenarios can appear, but the most common is when the most current is applied, e.g. taillights on and the brake pedal is pressed, the lights go out.
All lights must be properly grounded for proper functioning